CVECT Cardiovascular and Extracorporeal Technologies


CVECT partners with contract GLP research facilities to provide the best, most cost-effective and efficient pre-clinical and clinical research experience for its clients. It specializes in structured method development, including in-vitro and ex-vivo stages, to optimize the final pre-clinical GLP studies for both IND and IDE technologies.

  • Protocol development
  • Animal research project management and liaison
  • GLP documentation and support (with lab services)
  • Data management and interpretation
  • Sales and Marketing services: reaching out the industry customer and partner 



One of the most difficult problems in evaluating a cardiovascular medical device or technology is having a concise model, both in-vivo and ex-vivo, which establishes a test of the full functionality of the future product. CVECT has participated in the development of extracorporeal and implantable technologies and has developed bench and living test models in a wide variety of species to meet practical and regulatory requirements for pre-clinical assessments.

            Surgical models include:

  • Primate model for pediatric medical devices
  • Biodynamic human cadaver models for surgical training and device evaluation
  • Bovine model for artificial heart                                 
  • Sheep model for bioprosthetic cardiac valves
  • Canine model for induced hyperthermia                    
  • Goat model for immunomodulation
  • Porcine models for valve surgery, factor specific anticoagulation, and heart failure
  • Or problem specific models