CVECT recognizes that it will be exposed to sensitive or proprietary information which Clients may wish to keep confidential. CVECT prefers to operate within a confidentiality agreement except where that agreement inhibits CVECT in its business activity. CVECT works with companies strictly within a noncompetitive fashion.


  • Industry:
    • Estech, Inc.
    • SciMed Life Systems
    • Medtronic
    • PriMed Int’l, Inc.
    • Prim s.a. (Spain)
    • Hutchinson Technologies
    • Optical Sensors, Inc.        
    • Cardiovascular Devices, Inc. (Now Terumo Sarns) 
    • i-Stat, Inc (Abbott Point of Care)   
    • Mitralign                   
    • Abiomed
    • Reflectance Medical Inc.
    • Cardiaq Valve Technologies


  •  Medical Directorate, Johnson Space Center, NASA:      

Thermal Energy Delivery Techniques and Technologies for Immunomodulatory Applications.


  • Hospital: CVECT has provided administrative and clinical services under contract to over 50 hospitals for cardiopulmonary, physician assistant and technical staff and services.      


Additional technical expertise is coordinated through CVECT as needs dictate within the project.



CVECT has liaisons with hospitals, clinicians, and sales and marketing personnel in several international markets, such as:

  • United Kingdom
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • France
  • Japan
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand/Australia



CVECT partners with the Client to devise a Project Scope and optimal timeline to facilitate planning and budgeting for success.  Each project is uniquely tailored to Client needs, and CVECT works to create the best environment for the Project, for the Client, and for the Consumer. Contracted continuous or long term consultation with CVECT is able to be arranged on a retainer basis.

CVECT is able to offer Clients substantial savings in many areas over the alternative to directly employing specialist staff to provide services. Every avenue is explored with the Client to achieve the most cost-effective and time-on-target for project execution. All costs and expenses are reviewed in project development proposals and held for approval by the Client.